5 Top Benefits of Awe Inspired Workplaces


With fierce competition for top talent companies can no longer afford not to be intentional about creating a unique approach to workplace culture. Not only do 30% of job seekers leave their jobs within the first 90 days citing culture issues, but as we know losing an employee is a massive expensive and interrupts the workflow of the team. The figures vary depending on the level of the employee, but it is very costly for companies.  Uber and so many others in the news have taught us that having a toxic workplace can lead to millions in lost revenue as customers respond with their wallets almost immediately after negative publicity.

The fact is, in order to compete you must have something unique and inspiring about your culture. The new science emerging on the emotion of awe is great news for heads up companies. Those companies who are able to tune in and highlight the emotion of awe are able to create a long list of advantages and see benefits in their culture, and in the bottom line. 

Developing your new leaders has other benefits as well. 

Inspired workplaces are altruistic 

Awe helps us shift our focus from ourselves, towards the greater good. We move from me-centered to we-centered.  It helps us get outside of ourselves. Creating an environment where employees are more altruistic will strengthen teams and the sense of support for each other. As employees feel like they have each other’s backs then psychological safety, engagement and deeper sense of connection are the results. 

Employees will experience a sense of belonging

Awe makes us feel connected to something larger than ourselves and this connects us to a deeper sense of purpose. We adjust our thinking and open our minds to new possibilities. Everyone wants to feel connected and while we spend over a third of lifetime at work -- the connections we make are some of the most important in our lives. When your employees feel more connected you see increases in collaborative communication, alignment and engagement with not only each other, but customers as well. 

An awe-inspired culture helps promote clarity and alignment

Awe helps create clarity and alignment at work. When you have a workplace full of employees who are inspired, ordinary tasks seem less daunting. Creativity arises to solve difficult challenges by those who feel connected and supported. The benefits include improved focus,  less distractions from low priority work, reduced duplicate effort, and increased quality of the results.

Employees won’t see their work as work

Awe expands people’s perception of time and increases focus. Awe makes us more patient. When employees share a strong sense of purpose and core values they are drawn to the vision and no longer see work as work. Creating an environment where shared goals and performance outweigh the desire to count down the minutes in the day is a direct result of this type of workplace. It can be accomplished by having employees work on tasks that play to their strengths and fulfill different passions encouraging feedback and choice. 

Increases in financial performance 

Awe inspired cultures can be directly linked to increases in financial performance. In recent research conducted by Personnel Review which took a look at Glassdoor data and the relationship between employee happiness and financial performance a clear link was found. The more positive ratings a company had the more likely that company experienced higher return over assets, operation margins and revenue per employee. The value of an awe inspired culture translates right to the bottom line. 

To learn more about the benefits of an Awe inspired workplace download our whitepaper on the 4 Steps to a Brighter Life or contact Candra.