Ten Tools To Help Build Your WORKPLACE Culture Technology Stack

Ten Tools To Help Build Your Technology Stack for Workplace Culture

Technology extends to every area of our work and personal lives. Only a decade ago there were very few tools for building your company culture. Today the list is long and sometimes overwhelming. It is important to note, that the tool is not the territory of culture. Use the tool with intention and a plan. There is no replacement for relationships, connection and real care for your people, but these tools can help make it easier. 

From employee feedback to benefits here are ten tools to help build your culture:


Slack is made for communication. You can customize this platform for any department, team, event, or topic to fit your needs. Slack has become the industry standard for team communication. It also functions as your own private messaging platform. 


Data is king. There is a wide selection of new tools. Culture IQ allows you to engage with employees in two way dialogue and get real time feedback. CultureIQ is a flexible culture platform supported by a research-backed and strategy-focused framework. Whether you're looking to grow, merge or just want an employee pulse and engagement, CultureIQ can help. 


Charlie is a free web platform created for improving teamwork, relationship building and communication. Every employee can easily find a team member and see all the important details about that person. It provides notification to remind you of key dates (such as birthdays, sick days, deadlines). You can plan your activities ahead before you go on vacation by using Charlie. Charlie helps us remember what is important to the team. 


Gallup’s StrengthsFinder 2.0, unveils an improved version of its popular assessment tool by identifying 34 signature strength themes for individuals. Strength-Finder can help teams identify and leverage key strengths to improve team performance. Strength-Finder helps teams identify core competencies and gaps and rethink the way they work together. Imagine redesigning your work to leverage what you are best at doing? 


15Five is an application based on a simple premise: if employees took 15 minutes each week to write down their thoughts, which would take a manager 5 minutes to read, a company will be more engaged and connected. Feedback is crucial to a team’s success and this tool increases the frequency and quality of the interaction. The immediacy of contact is the best part. 

CultureAmp Culture Amp makes it easy to collect, understand and act on employee feedback. Improve the engagement and performance of every employee -- all in one platform 


With employee engagement at an all-time low, Reflektive provides tools to measure and recommendations for how to improve employee engagement surveys and action planning. Built on the belief that what gets measured, gets done. Reflektive helps companies build in the reflection time and tools that can enhance performance. 


With Bonusly, your employees will love giving recognition that’s candid, specific and social, and lets them express their unique personalities. Plus, it practically runs itself. 

Denison Culture Survey

The Denison Culture Survey is a tool that measures the elements of culture that contribute to high performance and is benchmarked against other companies in your industry. The company has been doing culture before it became popular and has applied the survey around the world in thousands of companies. It lays out a culture roadmap so that you can get started with small steps along a journey to a great culture. 

This is a sampler list of the hundreds of tools to help improve measurement, feedback and meaningful connection in your organization. Use them with intention to bring out the best in your people and your culture. 

If you are new to culture and don't know where to begin -- Live Bright Now can give you a hand.